Palmgrens has since the very beginning continuously made products with a great respect for quality and craftsmanship. Our products are sewn in selected genuine calf leather, a material valued for it’s genuine and rich character that only enhances with time.

The vegetable tanned leather is produced at selected tanneries in Europe. These tanneries aim to minimize environmental impact, using natural materials in the preperations of the hides and these processes take place in a closed circuit.

We produce all our products in family owned ateliers, many of which we've hade the pleasure of working with for decades.

The production of our products takes place in Sweden, Spain, Italy and England. Keeping the production within a close range gives us the advantage to maintain presence during the production process, something we highly value.

By launching single products instead of seasonal wide-range collections, we strive to create a organic product range. We believe that every product becomes a natural extension of our assortment.  With such long history we have a very extensive archive of designs, which often inspire the development of our designs today.

We also work with external designers from other creative disciplinse and in close collaboration with the ateliers.




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