Palmgrens has since the very beginning continuously made products with a great respect for quality, material and craftsmanship. Our products are sewn in selected genuine calf leathers, a material valued for it’s genuine and rich character that only enhances with time. These leathers are left with out heavy coatings and finishes, which ensures a genuine expression and developed patina over time.

The majority of our leather is vegetable tanned, produced at selected tanneries in Europe. These tanneries aim to minimize environmental impact, using natural materials, often by-products from the agricultural industry, in the preperations of the hides. These processes are often able to be executed in closed circuits.

We produce all of our products in small often family-owned ateliers, many of which we've hade the pleasure of working with for decades.

Our pieces are produced in Sweden, Spain, Italy and England. We work by a local principle and source leathers after the product's origin, ensuring that unneccessary shipping is avoided. With our wide range, we plan the production of a piece after the local knowledge and where the craft has been passed down through generations.

By launching single products instead of seasonal wide-range collections, we strive to create an organic product range. Every product becomes a natural extension of our assortment, and doesn't need to be replaced by next season's product.

The design process is heavily influenced by our wide archive, with some models dating back to the early 20th century. With adaptations and updates, these pieces find a natural place in the 21st century. We also work with external designers from other creative disciplinses, where new expressions and ideas come to life.

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