Palmgrens was founded in 1896 by master saddler Johannes Palmgren. The saddlery, located on Sibyllegatan in Stockholm, became the hub for both family life and the business. Johannes Palmgren built up a very good reputation for his atelier and saddlery early in his career and received the title of Royal Court Saddler and Royal Purveyor in 1903, a title we proudly carry to this day.

The atelier and store were located at Sibyllegatan 17, a block away from our current address. The clients were met by handcrafted equastrian pieces, presented in the same desks that present our pieces today. 

In the early 20th century, the clients were welcomed by equestrian pieces and the grey wooden horse, which has since become our oldest colleauge and welcomes our clients to the store to this day.

The store offered saddles, harnesses and trunks, all handmade by the craftsmen in the atelier across the small courtyard.

Johannes Palmgren realized the sustainability and variety of the material early on and developed the brand's range. The Palmgrens' atelier presented everything from women's bags, briefcases, trunks and hat boxes to jewellery boxes, smaller interior items and golf bags.

Furniture and interiors for private homes as well as public spaces, such as cinemas and airplanes, were executed and decorated by Palmgrens' skilled craftsmen.

Johannes Palmgrens' curiosity and exploration of the multifaceted material resulted in collaborations with craftsmen from other creative disciplines, such as glass masters and silversmiths. These meetings of craft and materials resulted in flacons with leather cases for hunting and travel, travel cases and jewellery cases in leather and hairbrushes with silver handles.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of welcoming people from all over the world to the store on Sibyllegatan 7. These meetings have led to collaborations with companies that share our philosophy and respect for the material, in New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Melbourne and Sydney.


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