Our History 


Saddler John Palmgren founded Palmgrens in 1896 with address Sibyllegatan in Stockholm, a location that was to become the residence for both the family and the company. Since its inception 120 years ago Palmgrens has consistently developed the range with respect to both raw material and craftsmanship, with a clear imprint on the basis of our history. The vegetable tanned leather with the preservation of a genuine craft tradition is the basis of all production.

Johannes Palmgren established early in his career a very high reputation and received in 1903 the title By Appointment to H.M the King of Sweden.


The store was at that time located at Sibyllegatan 17, one block away from our address today.

Already there stood the large leather/wooden counters that are currently presenting our products, accompanied by the majestic grey wooden horse, the horse that is recognized and appreciated by generations of customers and visitors to Stockholm. The story told us that it belonged to the Master Saddler Jacob Fagerberg (1769-1830), one of his era's most prestigious Saddlers in Stockholm.

The horse initially used for try-outs of saddles and harness and has become our most loyal employee.



When launched 1896, the brand offered customers a range where all types of riding and horse equipment such as saddles, bridles, driving harness and trappings was presented, a time when we were traveling by horse and buggy or saddle in Stockholm. Palmgrens soon expanded its product line successfully with handbags, briefcases, suitcases, desk accessories, jewellery boxes and caskets. All products were produced in Palmgrens own atelier, located in the courtyard houses at Sibyllegatan and Grev Turegatan not far from the store.


Palmgrens offered assignments for private homes and public spaces, coaches and eventually even cars and airplanes. Crafted leather details and trimmings, furniture and other bespoke products in cooperation with other Swedish highly renowned companies and craftsmen of various fields like glass, silver and wood


In 1950 Palmgrens launch the timeless and now classic rattan bag. Rattan bag that still after 65 years still has it’s given position in the product range and constantly presented in new colours. Through its unique combination of material and shape it reaches its customers both in Sweden and internationally.

The inspiration for the bag was to create an equally summery light and airy Swedish version of the wicker bags that was seen on many women during the summer months in Southern Europe. Rattan has become over the years a natural part of the combination of leather in several products, bags, furnishings and most recently bracelets. 


The range is constantly developing, and in recent years Palmgrens has launched several notable design collaborations conducted with, The House of Dagmar, Maria Nilsdotter, Save the Children, Beckmans College of Design, and since the first launch in 2009 by the Architect Thomas Sandell and Designer Monica Förster, both internationally awarded.The latest colloboration with the creative adviser and Designer Emma Olbers was launched in spring 2017.