Calf Leather: Craftsmanship and Care

What is vegetable-tanned calf leather? To make vegetable tanned calf leather, artisans employ natural tannins from plants, shunning harmful chemicals. The process begins with carefully selected calf hides, which are soaked in a mixture of water and vegetable tannins for weeks. This gentle approach enhances the leather's unique grain, ensuring an honest result which features the hide’s natural marks and character.

How Do I Care for Leather?

Regular care is crucial to preserve the leather’s lifespan. Keep your product away from prolonged exposure to water, direct sunlight, and heat to prevent cracks and fading. To clean the leather, we advice using a soft, damp cloth, followed by a undyed leather conditioner or leather balm. Regular conditioning nurtures its suppleness and patina, ensuring the leather’s natural flexibility.

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