In August, Palmgrens launches the Cross Stool, an extension of our over 10-year long design collaboration with the renowned architect Thomas Sandell. The stool is produced in Stockholm by KFK Snickeri and Sadelmakarmästarna, with a body of cherry wood and vegetable tanned leather from the Swedish tannery Tärnsjö.

We are proud to launch our continued design collaboration with Thomas Sandell, a collaboration that began in 2009 with a collection of bags, which early on became classics in our selection. This time, the collaboration found its roots in furniture making, and was slowly shaped into a "cross stool" - a piece of furniture that can be defined by the room it is in and stands on its own in any space. The Cross Stool is produced in three different color schemes of vegetable tanned leather: black, cognac and undyed. The cross stool is produced in 25 exclusive editions during our 125th anniversary year.

- This is a project that we have wanted to do for a long time. It has given us the opportunity to connect to our history of furniture production and acted as development of our collaboration with Thomas, as an architect and furniture designer. We have also had the entire production with skilled craftsmen in our immediate area, which was a starting point in this collaboration. Thomas' clear understanding of my vision of a piece of furniture that will live in different rooms and contexts, is clearly shown in the stool, says Catharina Herré.



"To mark Palmgren's anniversary, I wanted to make a stool, where leather and wood craftsmanship are essential. The shape should breathe simplicity and act as a reminder of the simple life, but as always, simplicty is complex", says Thomas Sandell.




The Cross Stool is produced in three different colour schemes in vegetable tanned leather: black, cognac and undyed and is available from the end of August, in our store on Sibyllegatan 7.

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